Conversations for A Cause 2020

Why We Do What We Do

‘Cars and Camaraderie’ remains a true raison d’etre for Drive Toward a Cure but its mantra in regard to teaming with Parkinson’s disease dates back to 2008, when a first trip to Laguna Seca celebrated legendary gentleman driver Phil Hill, his 80th birthday and his heritage with Maserati.

And it remains the driving force that underlies a certain ‘sense of occasion’ in gathering aficionados together to swap stories, share knowledge, and passion.

While the 2020 Covid pandemic has devastated the world — relatively small things like get-togethers pale in comparison to the shared responsibility of getting us all healthy. Still, we at Drive Toward a Cure looked to our core capabilities to understand how we could continue to raise funds for Parkinson’s disease and bring our community together.

The answer lies in our team’s abundant experience in events built around storytelling and filmmaking, all in an effort to tap the most fundamental relationship; between the car and the owner.

Thanks to Collector and Racer David Porter’s generosity, we were able to create a space for this first event last November, where owners could safely drive up and share how they first fell in love with cars, give back to the community and showcase their favorite ride.

The ‘Rubber hit the Road’ for this project through the expertise, experience, and generous support of Alexander Davidis, CEO at DF MEDIA, the production company behind CARCULTURE.TV, for whom we are appreciative.

The day’s end was really just a beginning for ‘Drive-In Chats’ to continue – starting with this video series and going forth within the community nationwide — while today additionally supporting a very relevant cause in Parkinson’s.

We hope you’ll enjoy the videos — they are a genuine example of the journey being equal to the destination.

Let us know how we can support your club, car collection, and the overall community — let us share your involvement and emotional car ties and open more channels within the industry we all love.

Jeff Ehoodin

Drive Toward a Cure Ambassador, and Executive Producer for Drive-In Chats, DF Media

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