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Drive Toward a Cure is bringing the power of Cars and Camaraderie together to benefit Parkinson’s Disease research and patient care on a variety of levels. We are working hard to fine-tune our programs and their appeal for maximum enjoyment and impact, and so we invite car and driving enthusiasts to contact us with thoughts and ideas as we do our best to Drive Toward a Cure for Parkinson’s Disease.

We are always interested to discuss how you can help organize an event. Be a sponsor, partner or organizer. Let’s start a conversation!


NEW: Take up the Car Club Challenge!

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Signature Multi-Day Adventure Road Rallies

Our signatureAdventure” events are designed to provide a premium, luxury lifestyle experience from start-to-finish. These three- or four-day programs are truly all-inclusive. They stay at top-rated hotel or resort properties, include champagne or cocktail receptions, top-quality meals, and can include stops at museums, private collections, vineyards, and other places of interest for unique – sometimes once-in-a-lifetime – experiences. Driving will primarily be structured as a navigational rally, though some legs may run as a convoy, and there will usually be a short “special stage” driving test. “Winning Drive” (for our special stage winner), a sponsors “choice”, and “Spirit of Drive Toward a Cure” awards are traditionally presented. Fundraising during the event will feature a raffle that includes numerous generous gifts provided by supporters and sponsors, and a silent auction on our closing evening.

Typical entry costs range from $4,500+ per car/couple, depending on the duration, venues visited, and level of decadence. Sponsorship opportunities are plentiful!

October TBD: North East Adventure Fall Foliage Tour.

In The Works: Northwest Adventure, and next California Adventure.

Weekend Getaway Road Rallies

Our more accessible “Getaway” events are designed to provide a balance of luxury and affordability over the course of a two-or three-day weekend. These events will stay at highly-rated hotel or resort properties and may more than one stop at a museum, collection, vineyard or other place of interest. They typically include all meals, though some events may leave flexibility for participants to make their own dining selection at some point. (This will always be made clear in the event description.) Other options such as a first evening reception or whether to stay at the event hotel or at a hotel of the participants choosing can allow some control of the entry cost.

Typical entry costs range from $1,500 to $3,500 per car/couple. Contact us to discuss organizing a “Getaway” event and/or to explore sponsorship opportunities.

April TBD: Kentucky Bourbon Trail Getaway.

Premium Road Rally Tours

Our “Tour” program – a genuine classic among driving events – is where our Cars and Camaraderie concept really began. In this format, the carefully mapped road rally with route instructions may be undertaken as a navigational rally or as a convoy type of event, or some combination, over the course of a day. Participants will meet in the morning at a venue such as a museum, dealership, or perhaps a popular breakfast stop. The morning-long drive will typically make a rest stop along the route to allow for socializing, checking out the other cars in the event, or making a visit. The drive will then conclude at brewery or vineyard for a tasting, perhaps a museum or private collection, or restaurant. In any case, the drive will be capped off by a beautiful lunch and time to socialize.

Entry costs are typically in the $250 range per car/couple. Contact us to discuss organizing a “Tour” event!

IN THE WORKS: Northwest USA.

Local Events from Coast-to-Coast

Drive Toward a Cure invites all clubs, events, and businesses to organize a “Drive Toward a Cure Day” event. Join the likes of NCM (National Corvette Museum) Motorsports Park in Bowling Green, KY, the Porsche Club of America Los Angeles and “Hurricane” (North Carolina) Regions, as well as the Ferrari Club of America Ohio and Sacramento Chapters in organizing their own events. Events may include a typical car club drive, a full track day or even “lunchtime lapping” as NCM has done, a dealership or shop event, a car show, or almost anything else you can think of! How about a fun “poker run”?!

For organized driving events, we suggest a donation of $50 per person, if your membership can afford it, or per car. Get in touch to discuss Drive Toward a Cure Day ideas!

NEXT EVENTS: Check our Drive Toward a Cure Days page.

NEW: Car Club Challenge!

Learn more about the all-new “Car Club Challenge” program, starting in the Carolinas and rolling out from coast-to-coast! Click here to learn how to get your club involved and turn your club events into powerful fundraisers throughout the year!

Drive Toward a Cure currently has vinyl cling stickers that are perfect for car windows, magnetic lapel pins, and brochures that may be available for “Drive Toward a Cure Day” events. We may also have postcards that promote certain events from time-to-time. As well, we may be able to arrange for materials from beneficiaries including The Michael J. Fox Foundation to support your event. “Tour” events may be supported by additional materials such as vehicle hood or door decals, table banners, pull-up banners, and/or feather flags; availability depends on event location, scheduling, and projected participation. For “Getaway” events, larger vehicle door decals and other giveaway items may be offered. Contact us to discuss possibilities!

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