Drive Toward a Cure Days

April is Parkinson’s Awareness Month

2018 is the 201st year since James Parkinson published the first detailed essay about what was then known only as “shaking palsy”. Surely it’s time we found a cure!

The month of April is Parkinson’s Disease Awareness Month, and we’re seeking friends nationwide to help us spread awareness and raise much needed funds to Drive Toward a Cure. Join us to blend cars and camaraderie for this important cause and help us to both benefit those challenged by Parkinson’s Disease today and aid further research efforts to put an end to this indiscriminate, progressive movement disorder.

…but EVERY month can be Parkinson’s Awareness Month!

Follow the lead of groups like the Ferrari Club of America Ohio and Sacramento Chapters and help spread the word beyond April. No month is a bad month to host an event and help us Drive Toward a Cure for Parkinson’s Disease!

NCM Track Day

Take part in a FULL DAY (April 2, 9am-4pm) at the NCM Motorsports Park! Passengers are welcome with no helmet requirements. Just $125 with $50 of each entry going toward Parkinson’s Disease research and patient care (tax deductible*)!

Join Your Local Group

The first groups to join us are the Hurricane and Los Angeles regions of the Porsche Club of America. Both are organizing routes for a fun drive to support Drive Toward a Cure Day! Registration fees starting from $50 per person are fully tax-deductible.*

Organize An Event

Can we inspire a drive, or set a theme for a track day or other event in your area? All makes and clubs are invited. Let us know that you’d like to organize an event in your area and we’ll gladly add it and work with you to setup registration.

*Your ability to take a tax deduction depends on your tax situation. Please consult an accountant.

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