The Opportunity

We’re bringing together drivers – super enthusiasts,and not just those with super cars. The modern automotive market now includes more people than ever who own a car with a thrilling personality, yet work and family responsibilities sometimes keep them from enjoying their purchase.

Our mission is to bring these people to our program with an event that offers a weekend of lifestyle opportunities and pure enjoyment, for those that drive often and those that hope to drive more. We think those who self-identify as driving enthusiasts will include younger drivers as well as old, women as well as men, and those who are engaged instead of watchers.

The key here is the combination of favorite cars to drive and great roads on which to enjoy them. Drive Toward a Cure caters to the crossover point where people are open to new experiences, new friends, and, frankly speaking, new products. As a player in the automotive market, we think that you’ll find these are the type of people you want for your brand.

These are people who want to be loyal to a particular brand. Choosing the right stuff helps them express their knowledge and judgment. All they’re looking for is the opportunity to get closer to the kind of life that the magic of the automobile has always promised. This involves style and travel to be sure, yet it’s also a way of life that’s smarter, not self-indulgent.


For sponsorship inquiries, please contact Deb at info@drivetowardacure.org or (805) 320-9248.

Program-Level Packages

Complete Drive Toward a Cure program sponsorship is available and may offer the opportunity to tailor the programming toward a particular brand. We would love to hear from you!

Event-Level Packages

One (1) available, includes:
— Saturday Evening Dinner/Reception Host
— Press release support and mention in all subsequent PR
— Top banner on website
— Participation for up to four (4) vehicles
— “Presenting Sponsor” Award
— Name and logo on all banners, promotional materials
— Social media inclusions
— Live URL on website
— Ability to provide ‘goodie bag’ items

Two (2) available, includes:
— Friday/Saturday Evening Reception Host(s)
— Name and logo listed below ‘Presenting’ Sponsor
— Participation for up to three (3) vehicles
— Recognition at all events, banners, promotional materials
— Social Media Inclusions
— Live URL on website
— “Diamond Sponsor” award
— Ability to provide ‘goodie bag’ items

— Name and logo on all promotional materials
— Participation for up to two (2) vehicles
— Availability for individualized event role/sponsorship ie:
—- ‘Tour’ sponsor – Northern/Southern California Drives (includes host of lunch, route books, ‘peoples choice’ awards, welcome/arrival at hotel)
—- “Movie Screening” sponsor at Paso Robles Theatre – potential for short symposium/panel discussion
— Social media inclusions
— Live URL on website
— Ability to provide ‘goodie bag’ items

GOLD LEVEL ($7,500)
— name and logo on all promotional materials
— ‘Symposium’ lead sponsor
— Personalized brand sponsorship of choice
— Social media inclusions
— Live URL on website
— Ability to provide ‘goodie bag’ items

— Name and logo on all promotional materials
— Promotional involvement ie, instagram competition
— Display area during Friday morning Tour registration
— Display area during Friday evening reception
— Ability to provide ‘goodie bag’ items

— Live URL on website
— Ability to provide ‘goodie bag’ items

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