California Wildfire Grant Fund

Supporting Those In Need

With a commitment to further assist in patient care, Drive Toward a Cure has earmarked up to $10,000 to assist those who are challenged by Parkinson’s Disease AND experiencing significant losses or exceptional expenses related to the recent California wildfire damage.

Give Generously!

100% of donations made during this time and accompanied by a note indicating that the donation is to support Drive Toward a Cure‘s California Wildfire Grant Fund will go toward increasing the size of the fund.

What Do Patients Need?

Parkinson’s Disease sufferers – particularly the elderly – face exceptional expenses, even at the best of times. They may need special equipment such as hospital beds to aid with getting up and out; with Parkinson’s they are often up 6 or more times a night to visit the bathroom. They may need a walk-in shower (tubs are often too hard to navigate), they may need railing in the house (without railing they tend to fall down more often), and they should ideally have a place to stay with no steps.

Stress exacerbates the symptom of Parkinson’s Disease… in the worst possible ways. Being evacuated from ones home and the prospect – for some, the reality – of losing a home and a lifetime of accumulated possessions, is a massive source of stress, even for the healthy.

With the prospect of extended displacement as a result of the California wildfires, many will need added support to make their temporary accommodations meet their needs, be it for a few weeks or many, many months. Please give generously to help those with Parkinson’s who are in need at this time.

Grant Application

To apply to the Drive Toward a Cure California Wildfire Grant Fund:

  • Applicants must have Parkinson’s Disease. Please include the name of your Movement Disorder Specialist and date of your last appointment.
  • Applicants must be displaced by the California wildfires. Please include your permanent address.
  • Applicants must demonstrate financial hardship as a result of the California wildfires. Please describe.

Final grant selection is at the discretion of the Drive Toward a Cure Executive Director and Board. Completion of a grant request is not a guarantee of receiving a grant. All requests will be evaluated and given equal consideration.

Application Form

All applications are due by the end of January 16, 2019. Applications will be reviewed and funds will begin to be disbursed by January 31, 2019.

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