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About Mark

Left to his own devices, Mark would spend every day 1. hanging out with the people he loves, 2. living and breathing cars and driving, and 3. designing and building creative things. However, Mark gives himself
over to Intelliga, his clients, and his charitable endeavors! Mark counts his blessings to have clients including Ferrari and Maserati North America in his portfolio; those clients being how he and Deb met.

He tries hard (with mixed results) to spend as much time away from his desk as possible, most often with the goal of spending that time with his much better half, Samantha. She is the jelly to his peanut butter. She’s also his driver on Drive Toward a Cure events, allowing Mark to capturing countless photos from the back of a convertible, while keeping pace with exotic cars and without ejecting Mark from the back seat… for which Mark is truly grateful. Especially the not-being-ejected part.

Mark also enjoys instructing at his local race tracks and lapping his own old-school 1980 Porsche 911 SC “outlaw” or his 2014 BMW… and he’s endlessly dreaming of owning any 911 GT3!

Mark, Samantha, and Intelliga are pleased to support all facets of the Drive Toward a Cure program as a “Partner-in-Cause”.

Contact Mark at or (905) 820-3189 (Toronto).

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