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Goodbye Maine!

by | May 25, 2022 | 0 comments

Today is Wednesday, May 25, 2022.

We pullout today from Rockland, Maine and head to Nova Scotia.

Our Airbnb has been perfect. Same bed 3 nights. Check out the property. SOPER BY THE SEA 38 Soper Rd, Owls Head, Maine.

Part 1 of getting to Maine is mission accomplished. Check Part 2 of eating lobster 🦞 hasn’t completely been satisfied.  It’s off season and few restaurants are open on Sunday or Monday.

Ongoing Mission of raising money for Parkinson’s is completely stunning. In a great way.  To everyone that’s donated, thank you and thank you for being part of this journey.  Your texts, notes, and energetic support via other forms is just fun. You make me smile and laugh. Thank you for your contributions. They are definitely from the heart. There’s so much heart in the world I live in. Grateful I am.  And happy to be a conduit for good.

This ride started out extremely selfish and the angels that showed up in perfect harmony, Blake and Deb have made magic happen.  Thank you Katie for being my voice by uploading media.

So far we have raised $10,825.  I also know more about the disease. Kim Kidwell, thank you for your honesty and insight. This disease affects so many.

Every disease is hard and research is essential.

I had no idea what to expect.  What I’ve experienced is beyond words and it will take a long time to completely digest (no pun intended) everything we’ve done and seen. If you’re open it’s astounding the people that want to visit and share a story when your on a bike. The wrap on the bike and decals on Clyde’s car open up discussions quickly.

Today another Radio interview with a Memphis station. That will make 4 radio interviews and a podcast. They want us to check back and update them of what crazy fun looks like out here on the open road. Vermont by far has the worst roads we’ve experienced. Mike and I are sure our bikes were close to finding the BIG BLACK HOLE.

Thank you to the local people of Maine for being warm and inviting. Your state and coastline are beautiful. A return for a longer stay is in our future.

100% of all your contributions go to Parkinson’s research and patient care.

Our trip is funded by us, the 3 amigos.

Thank you to:

Simmons Fine Jewelry

High Desert Harley Davidson

Next Level Financial Planning

Idaho Watch Collective

Olive Tree Photography

To all of you thank you for being part of something significant. It’s exciting and energizing.

Report to my plastic surgeon, Dr Menezer. (Oh Woops orthopedic surgeons aren’t anything about how pretty your hip looks after replacement) DUH

Dr Menzer when I checked in before this ride you asked “how did you dislocate 9 months after replacement?”  My mind “oh he wants me to show him?” Dr “don’t show me, tell me”.  Dr “well don’t do that again” “Joni, you’re good to go on that ride. You’ll be spread Eagle the entire time. Have a great time and be safe.”

I thank you for being excellent at your craft. And the prosthetic still weight 40lbs not 5lbs like he said.  Fake news  I’m good for another 100k


Later. Joni


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