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Ride Recap!

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Here I sit to recap one of the most memorable adventures of my life!

  • 19 States
  • 4 Canadian Provinces
  • Too many gas stations to count.  Average gas price $5.20 a gallon. But there is always opportunity for someone to steal your credit card information…which happened over halfway through the ride… Jerks! ALWAYS travel with two credit cards.
  • Bike ran great and the Road Glide is an amazing ride.  Smooth as “Butta”.
  • 34 nights in a bed that was not my own.
  • Had to buy new chaps because my second pair in 20 years gave out.  I guess all those long winters put stress on the buckle in the spring.  WTH
  • Dropped my bike twice.  Once in a Dairy Queen parking lot.  A Mr. Grumpy Pants was hell bent to get his Blizzard and shorted me on a turn, put my right foot down and there was soft dirt, and I didn’t get the footing I needed.  The second time was getting gas the morning we were headed to Milwaukee in pouring rain.  My new chaps needed shortened, and I had not cut them yet.  They were soaking wet and stretching and caught under my floorboard.  Both events happened in slow motion and the bike got a little skinned up and only my ego bruised.
  • Whenever I take off on a ride, I visualize a bright light coming from the heavens like a spotlight.  That light did shine upon the three of us as we started every day.  I have done this since I took up this passion.  In my mind it brings protection and safety. It brings mind to the present moment.
  • I received 3 special gifts to keep on my person to provide safety from Angels and provides important coverage. Thank you for the following thoughts from some sweet peeps.
    • A glass heart from Colleen Courtis
    • A coin from the ADA COUNTY HIGHWAY DISTRICT, presented to me from the Director, Bruce Wong, a retired U.S. Air Force Colonel.  He became Director on Feb 7, 2011
    • A beautiful necklace with an Angel and Wings as the hanging pieces, from The Marks.
  • Colleen gave a me a glass red and white heart.  On the back she wrote “JP, come back safe to us, CC”.  One morning as I pick up that heart there was a chunk missing and the edge was razor sharp.  I thought to myself that “hmm, something is going to happen today, and I need to be completely watchful.”  Sure enough, as we travel down the road and we are passing a semi-truck that has a huge metal box with whatever in it, I see a piece of something start lifting out of the truck bed.  I duck my head down and a piece of something comes over me.  Clyde said it looked heavy and when it hit it hit, not moving.  A large square piece of metal.
  • 8,450 miles
  • $16,125 was the last update I saw of donations made.  Thanks to all of you.  100% of the funds raised go to funding research and patient care.  We, the 3 amigos paid all our own expenses.
  • Lobster in Maine tastes no different than lobster in Idaho.  Butter is the real reason to eat any seafood.  YUMMY, I have determined that I eat seafood to justify BUTTER! (Sounds good to me) Paul Chenard and Anne Roberts treated us to a home cooked Lobster dinner in their home.  It was a delight and kind that strangers would open their hearts and their time to feed us.  Thank you to both.
  • I thought Clyde would hate following us and I was wrong.  He was awesome.  Providing “Sherpa” services without one complaint.  He learned that bike riding does not start at the crack of dawn normally, and he is a crack of dawn sort of guy. He was instrumental in procuring lodging and mapping out roads with WAZE and GOOGLE, looking for the best roads and the best hotels.  WAZE is great with current conditions.  I have not experienced a chase vehicle riding and I must say it is quite nice.  Mike and I both woke up the day after Clyde left and said, “WHERE IS OUR SHERPA?” We were on our own for 7 days and loading and unloading one’s bike is a fantastic workout. I was sure I lost weight but no, not one ounce. NOT ONE.
  •  https://www.motoamerica.com this venue was AMAZING.   It was fun and watching bagger bikes race is something I knew nothing about.  If you’re interested you can watch the bagger race at https://youtu.be/.ikqxIECiNzw Thanks to Arrick Maurice, GM for brand management with Harley Davidson, for providing Mike and I with weekend passes.
  • TOM CRUISE greeted us at 3 APPLEBEES.  Applebee’s proved to be number 2 or 3 on my list for restaurants.  I can’t say that I recall any restaurant that was outstanding.
  • The OSTHOFF RESORT is very, very nice and I would recommend checking it out.  https://osthoff.com We didn’t stay there but did have drinks and pizza.
  • We were guests of Harley Davidson Powertrain factory and the warm greeting we received made our time sweet and worth the ride in the pouring rain.  Seeing the meticulous design of the engine pieces made them a piece of art.  This was interesting to me.  I had never really thought about what makes the Harley machine great until I saw it with my own eyes.  I appreciate how these bikes are made and that over the years they continue to get better at what they do best.  Making Harley Davidson Motorcycles.  If I ask you who makes Post It notes you would say 3M.  If I ask you what 3M stood for you most likely would not know.  3M stands for Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company.  This company has changed with the times. SMART YES.  It evolved as the world evolved.  Harley was good at one thing and that is what they have maintained.  PRODUCING MOTORCYCLES.
  • Billy Davidson, Vice-president of the Harley-Davison Museum and Factory Tours greeted us at the Harley Museum, and he was a doll. He shared information about the company, his grampa and dad, the AMF buy back.  All great information. The archives were interesting and again how cool that they have so many original documents, motorcycles (that will never be ridden again).  Families cleaning out family members after they pass away, find pictures or other special memorabilia, and send to Harley for their archives.  The stories can go on and on.
  • AXE was constantly monkeying around on our trip.  He proved to be a great mascot and gained his own notoriety throughout the ride.  He had a great time weathering the weather!
  • Robb Report also did an article on the YRUW8NG ride- (The Robb Report is an American, English-language, luxury – lifestyle magazine featuring products, including automobiles, aviation, boating, real estate, and watches. Founded in 1976, it is currently owned by Penske Media Corporation. It also distributes Muse by Robb Report, a luxury magazine targeting female readers).
  • 7 Radio Stations across the country did interviews. (There are some fun DJ’s) Those are listed on our page.
  • Tes Silverman (Podcast Producer of r(E)volutionary Woman who lives in Virginia Beach, Virginia.  Joni Pursell – Financial Advisor/Motorcyclist Enthusiast – r(E)volutionary Woman (revwoman.com)
  • Harley Davidson Corporate flew their photographer to do a photo shoot and their writer did an interview.  That will be featured in the Harley Enthusiast hard copy that will be mailed to 500,000 members.

Thank you for your interest in this ride and for the encouragement and support.  I would say that it was successful.  We raised money, made it home safely, and ate Lobster in Maine.  I think that is success.

A big thank you to Mike Burke for your kindness and saying yes to this adventure.  Only you were able and willing to go. You were the perfect person to do this ride with.  Traveling with you was easy and thank you for making me feel safe.  You were a great travel buddy. We saw and experienced so many things. I am truly grateful to you for going.

Thank you to my husband, Clyde for your loving support and tracking responsibilities.  You did a great job. I am glad you were with me as this goal has been on my bucket list for a long time.  Your nudge and support made this a reality. I am glad I got to share it with you.


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