In a world where collector cars are increasingly thought of as investments, it’s good to know that there are also a group of auto enthusiasts who see their cars as a joy to own, to drive, and to show. Sometimes the showing is stationery, sometimes it means getting out and driving on public roads. (This, notably, checks a couple of the all-important enthusiast boxes!)

When the passion of collector car ownership combines with the passion for doing some good in the world, amazing things can happen. Deb Pollack, a publicist working in the automotive sector, is just the kind of person to bring these forces together. Her Drive Toward a Cure program combines cars and camaraderie, aligning driving enthusiasts with the goal of raising much-needed funds to support Parkinson’s Disease research and patient care.

We’re grateful to for featuring Deb and the Drive Toward a Cure program in their recent story, “Nothing Mickey Mouse about car folks doing good“, written by Larry Edsall and published on May 11, 2017.

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