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NCM Motorsports Park Hosts Track Session at VIR to Benefit Parkinson’s Disease – Piloti Offers Driving Shoe Giveaway to Participants

LOS ANGELES, June 7, 2018 – NCM Motorsports Park has taken the lead in supporting non-profit Drive Toward a Cure’s mission of broadening awareness and raising funds for Parkinson’s Disease by hosting a second track function in 2018. During NCM’s High Performance Driver Education (HPDE) Day on Monday, June 25th, at Virginia International Raceway (VIR) a separate ‘lunchtime lapping’ session will be open to drivers of all marques, including convertibles, for a tax-deductible donation of $50. All registrants will also be entered in a draw for a pair of Piloti Prototipo GT leather driving shoes, with a retail value of $150, provided by Drive Toward a Cure sponsor, Piloti (learn more at (Digital release and photos:


The event is part of a nationwide grassroots movement for clubs and groups to organize their own “Drive Toward a Cure Day” and play a role in bringing hope to those afflicted with Parkinson’s Disease. Those interested in participating or starting their own one-day events can reach out at

According to Deb Pollack, multi-decade automotive professional and founder of Drive Toward a Cure, the charitable organization is building a following that includes those associated with the automotive industry on every level. From individuals that simply love cars and driving, all the way to manufacturer executives, the Drive Toward a Cure program is providing education about the disease alongside opportunities for a fun driving experience on both road and track.

“When we first teamed with NCM back in January, they were anxious to offer an opportunity to support our cause and bring car enthusiasts a chance to enjoy another element of driving within a safe environment,” said Pollack. “Folks that enjoy driving are often excited to share that enthusiasm with other like-minded individuals – and raising funds for Parkinson’s becomes a wonderful bonus along the way.”

Pollack and Mark Davidson, CEO of Intelliga Communications and Pollack’s ‘partner in cause,’ have been creating opportunities for car aficionados to enjoy their vehicles while raising awareness and funds for Parkinson’s since 2016. Together they pursued an audience that is inspired to seek a cure for the disease. Through a combination of multi-day luxury rallies coupled with grassroots efforts, owners of vintage vehicles on up to modern luxury and exotics are partaking nationwide.

NCM’s ‘lunchtime lapping sessions’ will be held at VIR for approximately 45 minutes during the lunch hour and will be limited to no more than 50 entrant vehicles. All laps will be parade style – paced, but not slow! – and are open to all makes and models, including convertibles. Passengers are allowed, and there are no helmet requirements. The full $50 will support Drive Toward a Cure as a tax-deductible donation.


Matt Busby, head of track operations for NCM, has been the catalyst in aligning his organization with Drive Toward a Cure and taken the extra steps to extend outreach to all regional Corvette club members, as well as the local community. “It seems that in today’s times nearly everyone knows someone attached to Parkinson’s Disease,” said Busby. “And if we can encourage further awareness through our events and involvement, then we’re on the right track.”

Busby noted that racing legends like Phil Hill, Sam Posey, and David Love were among the millions challenged with Parkinson’s and believes that building awareness within the car community will create opportunities to raise the bar in funding research, supporting patient care, and bringing the search for a cure closer to reality. Approximately 60,000 Americans are diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease each year, and this number does not reflect the thousands of cases that go undetected. An estimated seven to 10 million people worldwide are living with Parkinson’s.

Additional “Drive Toward a Cure Days”

Drive Toward a Cure is seeking friends nationwide to help spread awareness and raise additional funds throughout the year. Several car clubs and organizations throughout the country, including regional chapters of the Porsche and Ferrari car clubs, have already organized grassroots events that include local rallies, BBQ’s, and other programs to support Drive Toward a Cure.
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Current Drive Toward a Cure Multi-Day Rally Programs

The recently held 2018 California Adventure, reminiscent of the organization’s inaugural event last Spring, was the third in a series of multi-day luxury driving events Drive Toward a Cure has hosted to benefit Parkinson’s Disease. During 2017, the organization began to function as a 501(c)(3) charitable organization, raising more than $50,000 through two rally events – one in California and another in the Southeast. Both events included entrant vehicles ranging from vintage to modern luxury/ exotics – traveling along some of the most scenic and famed routes within the country, including the Blue Ridge Parkway, the Smoky Mountains, and the famed ‘Tail of the Dragon.’


About Drive Toward a Cure

The Drive Toward a Cure program pursues an alternative to numerous ‘for profit’ rally driving programs through the creation of events that team cars and camaraderie to raise funds in support of the challenges of Parkinson’s Disease, benefiting research and patient care. Drive Toward a Cure is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, with events that are carefully designed to provide a premium experience while raising much-needed funds to continue the search for a Parkinson’s cure, through beneficiaries The Michael J. Fox Foundation and The Parkinson’s Institute and Clinical Center.
As the Drive Toward a Cure program grows within the automotive community, all levels of car devotees are encouraged to join through participation and/or donation. Those seeking more information can visit

About Parkinson’s Disease

Parkinson’s Disease (PD) is a chronic and progressive movement disorder, meaning that physical symptoms continue and worsen over time. Nearly one million people in the US are living with Parkinson’s. The cause is unknown, and although there is presently no cure, there are treatment options such as medication and surgery to manage its symptoms.

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