Kyle Cheromcha and Erica Lourd – our new friends from “The Drive” – joined the 2018 “California Adventure” behind the wheel of a beautiful, metallic California Red 2018 Kia Stinger GT, thanks to Kia’s support of our program to help fund Parkinson’s Disease research and patient care.

The pair started from our SoCal meeting point at The Petersen Automotive Museum for a private tour of The Vault before hitting the unparalleled canyon roads to the north and west of Los Angeles. Exploring the capabilities of the Stinger – a game-changing car for Kia – on the way to our destination in Santa Barbara wine country provided plenty of opportunity to capture some great footage that they put together with an interview with Drive Toward a Cure founder, Deb Pollack.

Clearly the Drive Toward a Cure message hit the mark, and we sincerely thank The Drive, Kyle, and Erica for the fruits of their labor. Watch the video and read at

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